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Ok wait a minute—?

Alright. I know what y'all are gonna tell me, but I'm going to ask anyway. So I took a trip to see my boyfriend of 7 years (long distance), and we had unprotected sex for a couple of days. I'm not on birth control btw (stupid me, I know). Well, he would pull out every time and everything seemed ok. I was still emotionally prepping myself to take a pregnancy test when I would get home and whatnot, since I know pulling out is not a very safe way to ensure that I won't get pregnant. Anyway, a couple days after we had sex I started my period. It lasted for roughly 6 days, the bleeding was really heavy on some days and I got cramps like a mofo. I got really paranoid after and my boyfriend would try and convince me that I'm not pregnant bc I got my period right after. So I guess I'll take my question to you guys. Is there still a possibility of me becoming pregnant even after the fact that I got my period a couple of days after? 


And yes we stopped having sex the morning we noticed I started my period (I "painted" the sheets). 

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    Of course you aren't pregnant.  And if you're that paranoid after getting your period, that's a very strong indication that you are not emotionally ready for sex.

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    8 months ago

    I'm shocked about your sextales, admissions, etc. and still ask these questions...  Please, help me to understand why you don't know the answers by now.

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    8 months ago

    Period = not pregnant

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