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Why did he say hi to me after doing me soo wrong?

A year ago he said he was just going for sex. So I blocked him. During the time we were hanging together we never actually had time to communicate about anything. I wanted a relationship with him and he wanted sex. And we did had sex. But one day I asked him are we dating or just having sex and he said just having sex and I completely blocked him becuz instead of thinking I blocked him. Everything was just bad communication. I knew he cared for me at the same time but I wasn’t good to him at the same time either. It was was always him texting me first and making plans and all but I was so busy in college that I never had time for him. I got mad when he said he was going for sex so I blocked him and moved on with my life. I seen him at a club a year later and he came up to say “hi, how are you”. In my mind I felt like why was he talking to me, after all the disrespectful things we’ve done to each other. We were supposed to be enemies by now. But idk , I was just wondering why would he come up and say hi to me after telling me he just wanted sex, like wasn’t I nothing to you? His friend told me that he was trying to reach out to me after I blocked him 

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    Um no, he doesn't care for you he told he just wanted sex and that's all he wanted so get through your stupid little thick head. You are the one doing wrong by turning this into a drama, he is the one being truthful

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    Reaching out after being so cruel in the first place tells you even more how rude and non-caring he actually is.  Keep moving on and make the best of college,  and don't sleep with others and become more knowledgeable about guys in general.  Bless you.  

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