Was I wrong to move up my doctors appointment? Should I cancel and wait the full month?

I've had a stomach issue that flairs up for the past 5 years... I never brought it up to my doctor because I thought it was my fault or normal.

But since October it has been near constant issues and I lost 10+ pounds last year without trying.

I went to him on Jan 10th and he barely listened to 1/4 of my symptoms. He heard regurgitation and gave me an acid blocker for 3 months and to follow up in a month. He also sent me for an ultrasound and bloodwork which would not diagnose the condition he suspected. 

After just days I could tell it was working for its purpose but not relieving my symptoms. It is causing more pain and regurgitation is only fully avoided if I don't drink liquids before/after a meal.

I've also been having blood sugar crashes at work that he didn't let me explain... I'm not diabetic but I am crashing to the point I can't work or focus on anything. I believe they are tied to my stomach issues.

My employer asked me to move my appointment up. I'm a liability and they don't want to force me on an unpaid leave. They said 3 more weeks of this without seeing a doctor was too long. I was banned from all field work for safety concerns.

I was able to move it up to next Monday (a total of 17 days between appointments) and the nurse gave me ****. She told me I need to give it a chance to kick in and didn't seem concerned about the hypoglycaemia symptoms. She booked it but said not to be surprised if he does nothing because he said a month, not 2 weeks.

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  • 9 months ago

    there re good doctors and bad doctors. u should have made an appointment to another doctor and ask another opinion

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