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Housemates concerned about my fridge?

So before the Christmas holidays I was in a mess mentally and in a really bad place, unbeknownst to my housemates. I normally always clear out my fridge (I have my own fridge) before I leave for somewhere in my previous accommodations and throughout term time my fridge is usually in a good condition but I completely forgot to clear out my fridge before going home for several weeks. When I came back none of them said anything to my face but my friend told me that they had been talking behind my back about it.

I saw the mouldy food as soon as I came back and disposed of it all immediately and thoroughly cleaned my fridge from top to bottom. One guy then asked me if I had cleaned out my fridge when he saw me standing by it. Then when I posted in the group chat that I would rather they tell me things to my face instead of behind my back, he later posted in the group chat how he was concerned for my health and me getting food poisoning. The thing is I'm the oldest housemate and I'm not dumb enough to eat any of that food that had gone mouldy whilst I was away. Was I wrong to find this a bit patronising?

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    It wasn't patronising, but you have to understand that when you are living with roomates it's not just your space but everyone's space.

    Functional adults clean after themselves. Your roomates don't have to bare w your problems or issues.

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    If they shared the fridge with you I understand their annoyance but if it's your fridge only then it's not really any of their business. Food goes mouldy if not thrown out and you were away so not sure why they mentioned food poisoning because like you said you weren't gonna eat mouldy food. Think they just wanted something to b*tch 


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