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Since women don't have to have a child they don't want should men have to pay for a child they don't want?

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    I believe that during the window in which abortion is legal, the father should have the right to legally opt out of his own share of that responsibility. I cannot fathom what world people are living in where it's fair for one person and only one person to make that determination.

    I do not and never will suggest women should be forced to carry out a pregnancy they do not want. Rather, if we are to grant women the right to opt out, it seems only fair to me that men are given a similar right by legally opting out of all liability and responsibility.

    In a perfect world men and women would be adult enough to make better choices, period, and accept the consequences of their deliberate choices and actions. Imagine being a grown *** adult and having sex and legitimately not understanding that you could get knocked up/knock somebody up.

  • Sammy
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    8 months ago

    Men: When you have unprotected sex, you're making a bet. When you lose, you must pay. Eliminate the risk with a condom or vasectomy.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    One cannot for smb that doesn t exist .

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    if it were like that... women  would not want to have too much sex if men can decide not to sustain their children. 

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    life is sometimes unfair, when you are irresponsible.  But you know the rules going in. If you get a woman pregnant, you will have to pay 20% of your salary, until the child is 18.  But it is also unfair, its the woman who if the guy wants to be a jerk, has to alone deal with paying for, and raising the child. If the man takes off, or just does not help, the woman has to go to court, pay a fee, wait a few weeks or months for a court date, then if the guy does not show up, an order of contempt, and she still has to file again for another court date, to ask to garnish his wages. Another few months go by, and if he still does not show up, it is still not for sure she will get it. 50% of the time, the courts for some reason send a message to the father, he should start to pay or his wages will be garnished.  And of course some fathers will actually quit there job, and move away.  If the father leaves the state, now you have to find where he lives, and after he is served, he can just move again to another state. At best if he stays in one place long enough the state after 6 months of no child support, his lic: is suspended.  So for years, the child suffers, and has to do without, because the father is able to just walk away, with little consequences.  But why are you asking this question? Even though over 90% of abortions happen to protect the life of the mother.  Of the 8% that are not to protect the mother, most are done within the first 8 weeks, and the zygote is the size of a grain of rice.  And most of them, could have been prevented, if the so called religious people did not work for the last 40yrs to remove sex ed from schools, and the 15% that has some kind of sex ed, schools are not allowed to mention any form of birth control. These same people, also have worked to allow business'  to not allow employees to have free access to all forms of birth control.  Even after insurance companies said, they would not charge business' for adding birth control in the employees insurance policy. They have cut over 70% of unwanted pregnancies,  in 3rd world countries by handing out pamphlets, on birth control, and giving out free condoms.  If you really were for stopping as many abortions as you can, you would be outraged at what religious groups have done to our sex ed in schools and to prevent people from having access to birth control. 

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    If the man has had voluntary penis-in-vagina sex with the woman then he is the father and he should pay child-support. Modern DNA testing can establish paternity. He also has visitation rights and the right to sue for custody.

    But there are some rare circumstances where I think it is unfair to make him pay child-support. I think the law should allow the man to opt out of being the father in the following uncommon situations

    A) If the man was raped by the woman (noting that this IS possible);

    B) In cases of statutory rape by an adult woman on a young teenage boy;

    C) In cases where the man is permanently lacking mental capacity, and didn't have capacity when the child was conceived;

    D) In instances of "sperm hijacking", where he didn't actually have sex. Example is someone gives him oral sex and he ejaculates in their mouth. The person then rushes out to the bathroom and spits the sperm into a sterile jar. Then a sterile syringe is used to squirt it into the woman's vagina.

    E) Misrepresentation by the mother: for instance if she says she is infertile because she has had a hysterectomy (but she really hasn't).

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Yes, they should support the child that they fathered. Otherwise, who IS going to support the child? It's going to be the taxpayer who has to step up and support the kids of these irresponsible people. I don't actually agree with abortion and I don't agree with deadbeats abandoning their children either. 

  • Mandy
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    8 months ago

    If a man doesn’t want a child, use condoms.  It doesn’t matter what she says she uses or actually uses; if he doesn’t want a child - use condoms.

  • 8 months ago

    Honestly I do think it’s an unfair double standard.

    There are many options for when who don’t want to keep the baby. Women are 100% in control in the situation. Every argument against men opting out could just as easily be applied to the woman but aren’t because that’s too taboo

  • Unseen
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    8 months ago

    Absolutely, why should they get out of supporting their child when they had sex.  It all comes down to choice.

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