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I'm 25, female, lost hope for life, have low self-esteem, and sometimes don't see the point in trying to be pretty again?

I'm 25, a virgin, and I weigh 205 at 5 foot 1. I can barely jog and can't do situps. It seems like days just fly by for me and it is like my body constantly craves junk food. I wish I had the motivation to lose weight and people tell me that if I lost weight I have the potential to be a hotty. I feel like giving up because most people my age are already tied down with kids and spouses here in Columbus Ga.

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    start off small. Do no jump cardio. It's easier on the joints and it still gets your heart rate up. For the cravings i would say cut down on junk food first then eliminate it altogether for four to six weeks it sounds extreme but that's why you build up to doing that over time. Then after those four to six weeks you eat a cheat meal once or twice a week to keep your sanity and to prevent binging on junk food. The less often you eat stuff like that the less you will start to crave it and cravings are momentary if you distract yourself from it and you keep your mind off of it you're less likely to give into them. If you don't feel motivated enough it would probably help you to take a preworkout.

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    u should try bypass surgery then. my neighbour in france was very much overweight. then she had her stomach tied and now she is very thin. and she is in her 40. Sharon Osbourne used to be overweight, had bypass on her stomach and look at her now - perfect. she is in her late 60 still looking gorgeous

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    Are you intentionally overweight to avoid being "tied down " with kids and spouse?   You don't make it sound enticing. Are there other things you could be doing with your life that you should be working on?  When the rest of your life falls into place your weight will be easier to correct. 

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    poor baby .........................

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