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Bleeding after my period finished?

My period finished about 10 days ago but I started "bleeding" a little, a week later.

It's dark brown and doesn't look like period blood so I don't know what this means?

It's been about a week now and I'm still bleeding but just a little, like if I go to the toilet and wipe there's blood or brown ish blood. It smells weird but not like overpoweringly disgusting.

I'm 17 and there isn't a chance I could be pregnant because I haven't done anything since I got my period like 10 days ago.

Also I am not on any medication or anything.

Please helppp

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  • 1 month ago

    Brown blood is just old blood. Fresh is always red. Some times people bleed when they ovulate and that's what it sounds like it is. Not that you're pregnant, but just ovulation bleeding. It's quite normal to spot during this time. Totally normal. If you want it to stop, I would suggest birth control pills to make you more regular. Talk to a gyno about your options.

    • Lasen1 month agoReport

      Is it normal for it to continue even after 2 weeks? This has happened before but normally lasts like 4-5 days

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