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Did the Judea, international Jewish organizations, or Jews declare war on Germany in 1933?

I have seen copies of 1933 newspapers with banner headlines that announce the following ..''International Jewry declares war on Germany'' These where mainstream newspapers such as the Daily Mail, and the New York times. They where not Nazi, supporting papers and those who doubt this fact such research it before denying it happened. I would be like to know why International Jewry found it necessary to declare war on Germany and why so many deny this actually took place, 

In the Daily Express Friday March 24 it said "Judea else's war on Germany" "Jews of the world unite in action!" "Boycott of German goods" "Mass demonstrations in many districts" "Dramatic action"

What was the real reason behind this? The Truth would nice.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    NO NO NO it was the UK who declaired war on Germany it was told get out of Poland or a state of war exists between us we kept out Pact with Poland then FDR Gave Poland to his Uncle Joe

  • Rick
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    9 months ago

    nope.    .......................

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