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my wife has abandonment issues and freaks out if she doesn’t hear from me in a few hours. I don’t know what to do?

Her parents gave her up when she was a baby and she bounced from foster home to foster home..the first month we got together she was already telling me she was in love with me. We have had problems our entire marriage with her clingy nature. She keeps saying that she’s afraid I’m going to leave her she find someone better if I’m not in constant communication with her. She also has problems with over eating and over spending.. while I was on a work trip I had to be away from home I had 300 missed calls and 100 voice mails from her crying for her to call her. She’s fine whenever I’m giving her attention but when i don’t talk to her for a few hours she turns into a completely different person. And it’s scary. I got back home to find her screaming and crying and breaking glass in our home because she said she thought I was about to leave her..I had my mom stay with my wife so she wouldn’t feel so alone while I was away. I know she doesn’t really have anyone but me.. she has one brother but he’s a drug addict.. my mother told me she was crying the entire time I was gone. Do abandonment issues lead to mental health issues as well? Because I’m really worried about her...

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    Since you knew she had abandonment issues from early on why didn't you encourage her to seek therapy so she could overcome this? Then you wouldn't have to put up with the result of her anxiety. Win win for both wouldn't you say? Unless it strokes your ego to have her so dependent on you?

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    1 year ago

    You knew this BEFORE you asked he to marry you.

    What has changed NOW that this bothers you?

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    she is a nut case. u need professional help. like a doctor who has the right to prescribe serious medication

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