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I was talking to this woman I really liked a lot. She found out I had lunch with a female friend and told me to rot in hell. What is wrong?

What is wrong with her? I’ve never seen this side of her before. I didn’t think it would be a big deal having lunch with a female friend. It’s not like we going to be having sex. Just two friends catching up. Plus the woman I like has a boyfriend. Me and the woman that I like did have sex and we talked about having a future together when she’s done with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend neglects her a lot and she would spend hours on the phone crying her heart out. I was there for her in every way. I gave her a lot of comfort. I was talking to her more then my own family. I knew I was talking to her a lot when my cousins kept asking me why I was on FaceTime while we were at a baseball b

game. I truly felt like there was something special between us. I wanted us to have a future. The first time she flipped out on me wss when I lost my phone and took 2 days to respond and she was like “you’re just like my F***** boyfriend. F**** men. I hate all of you.. I didn’t hear from you in 2 days do you know what can happen in two days. All of you selfish egotistical bastards can’t believe I had sex with somebody like you..””” and the the second time she went off on me because I went out with my female friend to lunch a platonic lunch.. She started crying and was like “‘if you weren’t interested in me anymore. You should have just said it.” And I was like “ I am interested in you. My friend just said she wanted to have lunch because I haven’t seen her in years.” And she was like “


She was like “ she’s probably gonna fall in love with you because you’re perfect. You’re good looking and charming and funny.. I hate you” 

Update 2:

She was like “ I don’t have time for games. I had enough of the games with my boyfriend. Lose my number and rot in hell”

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  • she's mentally unstable and did you a favor behaving that way as now you know to avoid her at all costs. since she cussed you out you need to report her as that's what she'd do to you. equal rights. 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Females don't want dudes that are tapping them to be having anything to do with other females, females know females just like males know males, and you talking about having a future together and yet you take another female out, come on get real, you know better than that. I'll bet you didn't even mention to her that you were taking this other woman out. I think you could've gotten in contact with her before you did since she had practically been talking to you everyday. You knew that she was upset and yet you do this it's as much your fault as it is hers. 

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    So really? You're sitting around waiting for a woman to get away from her boyfriend and then rebound straight over to you? are you dumb?

    Find someone who isn't a rebounder who is going to use you. I can't believe people are so stupid

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Grow up.....she is obviously a head case. Insecure for sure. Run, run fast. 

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    she wanted to have lunch with you, you fool, surely you cant be that dumb

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    It would appear that you are quite fortunate to be done with her, even if it is her choice and not yours. For one thing,she was cheating on her then boyfriend, regardless of the reasons. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and you would be next.  For another, she takes quick and intense offense at perceived wrongdoing on your part, without any justification. Her reactions are extreme.  She groups you with "all selfish egotistical bastards", assuming she's referring to all men.  Her perspectives are highly distorted, probably by previous hurtful experiences. But this is a person who is damaged emotionally, would bring you endless problems and difficulties.  If you look up the diagnosis of "Borderline Personality Disorder" on line, you might recognize many of the behaviors described and even more that you didn't.  The thing is that people with this level of disturbance aren't really easily changed. You could have had an endless round after round of such blow ups, until you could take it no longer. So thank your lucky stars and move on. Good wishes,  and next time, please think twice about becoming involved ,sexually or otherwise, with someone who is in a current relationship, even if they insist they intend to end it.

  • Rick
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    9 months ago

    She's jealous.  That's what all this is about.  She's been hurt before and doesn't want that to happen again.  She needs reassurance that you love her exclusively and don't want to be with any other woman.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    She has a serious issue of mental disorder. stay 1000ft away from her. You really don't want no earthquake and disaster in your life

  • 9 months ago

    Consider yourself lucky to get rid of her, she is crazy.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    It's a serious sign that she's a psycho, and you should avoid getting into a relationship with her.

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