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Our D&D group can't find a DM who isn't ****, are we just that unlucky, or are we looking for something that doesn't exist?

Our first DM was a pansy, who fudged rolls to keep us alive and gave us whatever wanted, that was fine for a while, but he never made things challenging. We would have called the cops to have his dumb *** arrested, but he left in tears, so it ended well for us. The next harassed us and acted like a parole officer or abusive mother, expecting us to tell him if we were going to be late, when the DM is supposed to be beholden to the players. We got him arrested and a restraining order put on him when he was released. Our current douche insults us by trying to work 'with' us, as if he's our equal in D&D, when everyone knows it's the PLAYERS that make it, and he's like the previous asshole, won't let us do what we want, in OUR adventure. We're getting set to kick him out, or maybe scare him to chase him off, if he won't go peacefully.

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    You sound like an absolutely awful person to play with. Its no wodner you can't find a DM willing to.

  • 8 months ago

    That's tough.

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