White part of my eyes are super yellow?

I use to be so healthy work out 3-4 times a week but last year of may i started noticing yellow tint on my eyes but this year its gotten worse! I got tested for hep A B C and still waiting for the results, but i dont know what to do! Im scared to go to the doctors that i might recieve some bad news. I do binge drink but i never had a problem or symptoms showing till last year may! What am i going to do :((((((((

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  • 8 months ago

    1. Stop binge drinking. Avoid alcohol altogether. If you notice your body/hands shaking or experience hallucinations, go to the emergency department because it might mean you are going into alcohol withdrawal.

    2. Avoid Tylenol, Paracetamol, and Acetaminophen (they're all the same drug). They can cause liver damage if taken incorrectly or if you're liver is already damaged.

    3. You didn't give us other information (age, details of your drinking habits, risk factors for hepatitis, etc). So, I cannot discuss your odds for causes. 

    However, you NEED to be evaluated. Then they checked for hepatitis, did they check your liver enzyme levels?  If you have been having bruising on your skin, bloody noses, bleeding gums when brushing your teeth recently, you need to go to the emergency department

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    8 months ago

    Like it or not, Johnny, you need to see a doctor. Yellowed whites of the eyes is a hallmark of jaundice, and it won't get better by waiting it out.

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