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Questions about the GI Bill?

1. How much does the GI Bill give you a month or do they give you all the money at once? How does this work?

2. Can the GI Bill be used for a trade school or is only used for universities and community colleges?

3. What's the difference between a GI Bill and tuition assistance?

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  • 8 months ago

    Look at your contract on the gi bill or call va benefits they will help you

  • 8 months ago

    Gi BIll is paid directly to the school, up to 17,500 per year toward tuition

    you can use the gi bill towards trade schools, but not any trade school

    2. tuition assistance is up to 4500 per year toward tuition, paid directly to you, or if your active duty, its paid to the base education office, which pays the tuition for the class's you signed up for

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    8 months ago

    1) it depends on the GI Bill you are using. The current one and Post 9/11 pays tuition directly to the school and then you receive MHA monthly you are in school (when on breaks partial months are prorated) as well as a book stipend. 

    2) the idea of the GI Bill is for any education from an accredited school. It can be used at colleges, universities, trade schools, etc...

    3) TA is for when you are AD and take a class or two each semester. It is limited to $4500 a year and must be approved by command/unit. 

  • 8 months ago

    You can see the rates here. I believe you are paid monthly.

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