What does a Sales Ledger Clerk job involve?

I have read what this job does but they can't tell me much. So could someone tell me exactly what the job of Sales or Purchase Ledger Clerk involves please?

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  • Bec
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    1 month ago
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    Generally speaking - dealing with invoices and credit notes, putting them on the computer system, paying them/organising payments on time, confirming bank details for suppliers for payments etc, sending them out on time etc.

    Reconciling regularly - chasing outstanding payments, dealing with queries on the payments/invoices/suppliers.

    Our "Purchase Ledger lady" (we all chip in) basically gets approval for invoices from our supplies (e.g stationery, business cards, electricity etc). Once approved they are put onto our system (supplier details, invoice details, bank details etc) - she runs a monthly payment run where she pays all invoices that are due (with approval) and does payments in the interim for anyone who chases invoices or an urgent one (networking events, sponsorship etc). She talks to suppliers to confirm the bank detals on the invoices are correct/emails haven;t been intercepted, asks for copy invoices if we haven't recevied it and have been chased for payment. Runs reports for the managers to show how much we spend on (events, electricity etc) if requested. Fills out any direct debit and standing order forms.

    • Blue nose
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      Thanks Bec! 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Its whatever your boss says it is. Like every other job.

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