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Can't access formerly answered questions?

Why am I unable to look at the questions I've answered? Nothing shows up when I go to the Answer tab. It says "oops, something went wrong". My questions I've asked shows up fine. What's the deal? Is it a glitch or something wrong with my account?


Same thing happens when I click the Best Answers tab.

Update 2:

I can access the questions I've asked, it is only impacting the answers I've given. It does it on my phone on the mobile version as well as the desktop version AND on an actual computer. So yes, I assume it is an annoying glitch. It has been like this a few days now.

Update 3:

Well hey! It randomly just came back a few minutes ago! Looks like it's fixed... for now lol Thanks to all who answered. I hope your answers are fixed now too :)

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    It appears to be a glitch that many people are experiencing,  but there also seems to be several issues at play here.........glitches,   the mobile service is buggered to hell and back,  but there's also another issue, where people are saying they can't see their blocked list anymore.......and that's totally different.  Your blocked list IS still there.......I assure you and you can access it. 

    Also , when you get that  OOPS message  the FIRST persistent and click it AGAIN , and AGAIN if need be..........often the list will come up the second or THIRD time you hit it. 

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    A lot of people are having that Problem you wont be able to Access your Answered or Asked Questions List until Yahoo Fixes It

  • This glitch has been going on for weeks.  But it happens one day and the next day it is fine. Nothing we can do about it but wait until Verizon Media fixes the problem.  Verizon does not provide IT or Engineers to solves problems with glitches.  That is what Verizon Media was establish for. 

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    It's a glitch that has been going on fr several weeks. For some people it lasts 2 or 3 days, for others longer. .Many people cannot see their blocked list as well. Whether the 2 glitches are connected or not no one knows. Most people cam see their best answers question. I have my suspicionns what is going on, but this happens about three times a year when the server computers are and computer network is probably being updayeed. Your email account is not in danger any more than many other peoples'.You just have to wait until the Verizon IT techs and engineers can fix it.

    ALL Verizon. Media foes is .MANAGE YA and Yahoo email and other products and services FOR Verizon for tax and legal reasons. Verizon Media is legally liable, NOT necessarily ALL of Verizpn. The IT techs and engineers are very like Verizon employees, not Yahoo employees. 

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