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Don’t know what’s wrong?

Over the last 2 years I’ve noticed some weird things happening with my lower body. I get weird sensations in my stomach and penis. 

My diet: I eat garbage and that’s mainly because I’m depressed and have anxiety. Lots of pop (sprite), lots of sugary foods and greasy foods as well. 

I’ve noticed a burning sensation when I pee and also when I poop it burns sometimes too. 

Sexual health: I had oral sex in feb 2018. I’ve never had penetration sex. All STD tests have been negative. Only test that hasn’t been done is Herpes, but apparently you need sores to test for that. I did tests again and everything was good. I’ve also had a urine test and a urinalysis and nothing. It was cloudy and that was it. At the time of the test I hadn’t eaten anything for over 12 hours. Whenever I masturbate, my ejaculation comes out grey and then mixed with yellow. 

I usually sit around a lot so I feel pins and needles in my groin area at times too. I wake up every morning with a disgusting taste in my mouth, sometimes my stomach hurts like a ***** when I push down on it. 

All of this is making my anxiety go through the roof and I feel depressed too. Doctor is being useless and did t even do a physical exam. He said he’ll do it next time. 

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    Get another opinion. Clearly your doctor is not qualified to treat a rock.  Much less a human being.  If you don't feel right, get to another doctor.

  • 8 months ago

    see a different dr

  • k w
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    8 months ago

    just read..............

  • Tj
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    8 months ago

    It is your diet and it is also giving you acid reflux. Pepcid can help with the acid. it is over the counter. get on a good diet, protein, fiber. chicken baked, green veggies

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