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What does roofied mean? ?

I posted a question and the answer has the word roofied. When I looked it up it says it is a drug used to assault someone. I didn’t know what it meant at the beginning and I selected as the best answer. Cause I thought It kinda answered my question but I didn’t understand that part of answer. But now I am thinking is it inappropriate? 


The answer says if someone roofied you that you should forget it. I didn’t know what it mean but I thought whoever is saying just forget whatever happened and I selected it as the best answer. If it is inappropriate how do I undo it?

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  • Zirp
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    8 months ago
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    You cannot undo a "best answer".

    As far as police-series on TV tell me, a roofie is a drug that some rear-orifices give to their victims in order to abuse them in some way.

    junkies told me that whatever you do under the influence of alcohol&rohypnol combined, you won't remember

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Post in "Words/wordplay  , not here please.

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    "roofied"  is street slang for the drug Rohypnol .....otherwise known as the "Date-Rape" drug.    Often slipped into someone's drink so they pass out and then  can be easily raped.......and then the  "date"  will claim you were just DRUNK, and don't remember consenting. 

    and since it also causes brain fog, and you were in fact passed out, and can't begin to believe they may be correct and are hesitant to report the RAPE.   Many women are hesitant to report rape regardless , because of the stigma, and fear of not being believed,  so when you are not even sure of the facts's even harder to make your case.  Precisely why the drug is so popular with creeps and rapists. 

    The drug is also easily slipped into drinks,  even if you are extremely careful and watch your drink all night. It only takes a split second , a momentary distraction to slip it into your drink.   Hell, a guy GETTING your drinks at the bar......could do it there,  while you clutch and hold your drink all night watching it like a hawk. ....and never, ever accept drinks from total strangers.---especially at wild frat parties and such. 

  • Mark
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    8 months ago

    You spelled it wrong:  it's "RUFIED" and it means "slipped some kind of tranquilizer or prescription sleeping pill into an alcoholic drink*, so you can have sex with your unconscious victim."

    *This is just one reason of many if you're at a club, you should NEVER leave your drink unattended while you use the toilet or otherwise are out of sight of it.

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  • Vicki
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    8 months ago

    Well roofie refers to the drug Rohypnol that causes the person who receives the medication typically passes out and forgets what happens while under the influence.

    Usually the term "roofied" means someone slipped it in someone's drink without their consent or knowledge. This is commonly linked to sexual assault as a person will wake up the next day sore but with no memory of the assualt.

  • 8 months ago

    Rohypnol (sp?) is a drug that people will slip into another person's drink that incapacitates them. They usually sexually assault them.

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