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Is $500 too little to repaint a 1 bedroom apartment?

I am moving in and the landlord says he will not repaint, but will take $500 off the rent, $100 per month for 5 months if I do. The place is grubby. Looks like someone wrong on the walls with a sharpie. Some of the paint over where strips are (hot water, fins, cover) has cracked and fallen away. I am afraid this is lead paint. How do I fill in the depression where the paint fell out. Is the cracked paint going to fall out too or will new paint seal it? Also the seams are coming up in the corners. Will paint hold them back down too?

I think I will do this myself and actually come out ahead on this. A big bucket of paint is $60 at Lowes.

If I want to spend more, I can get this one for a few dollars more. Sounds like a good idea?

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    You will also find you may need a good primer coat of Kills paint to cover up stains, that is more money. I doubt one coast of regular paint will cover.  And sounds like you need to do a lot of prep work on the walls.  Or it all is going to chip away. The taping in the corners will come off even with new paint if they are already peeling. That needs to be repaired.

    You will also need brushes, rollers and tarps and painter tape

    Lead paint info from online 

    The paint poses the biggest problems to renters' when the paint chips or peels because the lead is exposed, gets into the air and possibly the renters' lungs.

    Worry About Lead Paint?

    Lead paint becomes toxic as it breaks down. As it chips or peels, it'll disintegrate into dust or wash off into the soil outside of the rental. As lead quickly passes from skin and lungs into your blood, lead poisoning occurs. It can result in memory loss, body aches, headaches, problems with digestion and even kidney damage. Learning disabilities and attention deficits are also associated with exposure to lead paint. Unborn babies can suffer birth defects.

    You can buy a lead testing kits at a hardware store. Although not 100% accurate. 

    Sounds like a cheap run down apartment. I have never heard of an apartment complex that does t repaint and clean the apartment including carpets between renters.

    But yes you will spend less than $500 to paint. If you don’t count your time. You should wash the walls before painting.   

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    doing a nice job and getting a hundred bucks a month off the rent seems worthwhile,IF,the agreement is in writing,,add it to the lease agmnt

    keep receipts,do a videa of the place before and after,

    meanwhile,, shop around for white sating semigloss prices,,rollers,tarps, a couple buckets of patching plaster,,a trowel brushes,,,,soap to wash all before painting,,,be sure & careful not to slop the floor with spills

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    You have a good deal. Paint yourself and save 500 bucks !  Go on utube for spackle  and painting tips. Nice....  

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    It depends on the size of the room, and how expensive the product is or where you live, but I think $500 is too much for 1 bedroom.

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    Sounds like a slum lord. Depends how big it is. Anymore than 700 sf and I wouldn't do it for that. Get a 1 gallon jug of sheetrock mud, a 4" putty knife and one of those foam sanding blocks. Watch a simple YouTube video on repairing cracks and blemishes on sheetrock. It doesn't have to be perfect because he clearly does not care and it's not your place anyway. Once you get your stuff moved in, you won't notice imperfections so much. You will need a paint with primer in it.

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    As you will be liable if he/she doesn't approve of the job you do, just say no.

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    scape off all loose

    paint .

    fill holes with filler then two coats paint 

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    Depends how you value your time and how good a job you do. Painting over cracks and peels does not repair the cracks and peels. It merely gives you cracks and peels with more paint on them, which might even make them worse.

    You will need more than a big bucket of paint. You will need a stain-killing primer for the sharpie marks. And if you only prime them, the top coat might look patchy so the usual thing is to prime the whole wall. Measure your walls and then figure out how much paint and primer you need. If the walls are that bad, so is the ceiling. Paint only the walls and the ceiling will look awful. Measure that too, and add it in to your paint needed. You will need one coat of primer, and probably two coats of paint. If you're painting doors and trim, you should be using a different paint for those.

    You will also need a roller handle and probably an extension handle for it, rollers, roller trays and/or liners, rags, drop sheets, masking tape, at least one decent brush (cheap brushes are slower, harder to use, and do a worse job), spackle if you want to repair cracks and holes, something to sand the spackle with, and a couple of putty knives to apply it with.

    Go down to Lowes and price all that out.  You're probably going to be working for minimum wage, or less.

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    "wrote on the walls with a Sharpie" ... ordinary paint will not cover that. you're going to have to either spring for the expensive stuff, or apply a coat of primer first.

    And $500 is generous .... you won't spend near that much

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    I don't really understand what you mean by 'where the strips are (hot water, fins, cover)', but bottom line is it sounds like a lot of prep work.  The sharpies may require primer and/or multiple coats.  Personally, I would get a couple bids to see what a cheap professional (or even handyman) would charge and then weigh that against the $500 you'll be saving.  

    Also note, that you should absolutely get the rent reduction in writing from the landlord.  Also make sure he states in writing you are to re-paint, agree on quality, and that your deposit return will be based on the condition when you moved in as opposed to any imperfections, scratches, etc done to the post-painted room.

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