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Do guys care about inverted nipples?

I’m 15 at the moment but at the end of this year I can legally have sex and it’s something I’m very insecure about. I’ve never done bits with anyone so no guys have ever seen them but when it comes to having a boyfriend and having sex I’m worried he’d be turned off or think they’re weird.

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    As a person who has seen all kinds of nipples I'd like to inform you that most guy's wont care whether your's are or are not. However, don't think you should have sex only because it's legal. Think carefully about the possible results including unwanted pregnancy and STD's. The risk will always be there. Be 100% certain that when you have sexual relations it's with the right guy for you. Best of luck in life.

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  • rick
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    6 months ago

    Dated a lady that continuously apologized for her "inverted nipples". In two years, I never noticed. Not a problem!!!

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    This is one of the strangest questions I've ever seen!  What makes you think that once you're at the age of consent, it's time to have sex?!?   It's not your fault you think this, but that's flat out nuts.  I would hope that at age 15, "no guys have ever seen them". 

    You'll feel a lot better if you stop listening to people telling you that 16 year olds with boyfriends have to have sex.   When I want to college at 18, 3 of my 4 suite mates in my dorm were virgins.  Slow your roll!   To answer your question, some day down the line when you're with someone you love and trust, this won't be an issue.  For one thing, a lot of people prefer sex in the dark until they're more used to it.  But this is way down the road.

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  • 6 months ago

    Honestly, I would say that most guys couldn't care less about that.

    I say "most guys", because I don't know, maybe there are some guys out there that care a lot about nipples.

    You should understand that generally speaking, boobs are a very overrated thing.

    So many of the hottest women in the world have little or nothing going on in the boobs department. People with pretty faces get noticed. And if they have a fit body too, that helps. Nipples are something that only get noticed after someone has already made up their mind. And they're not really important, unless you are a hungry baby.

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