How do i set up an art shop?

I want to set up an art shop so I can sell my art. (I’ve done free commissions through random art forums, been asked several times if I have a shop for them to reference for future pieces) I’m not planning on having my own website, more so an account on a site. What are some good, safe sites I can use. I’ve been told about fiverr, but it seems to have a bad reputation.


What are some good, safe sites for me to look into.

Btw, I make digital art, not sure if that makes a difference 

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    don't make it huge and investment a lot ... start with small and good nice places. art will sell not the space.

    amazon is the top for 51 states. if you wanna go huge and never to worry about "reference or experience in international market" start with ebay. i do not know specifics about art topic sales only.

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