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What is the thing in my nightmares?

When I was younger I had a severe traumatizing series of nightmares about a demon-werewolf thing. It had yellow slit-pupiled eyes, black fur, and no wings, in my dreams it destroyed the world, turning people into it's slaves burning the world to the ground. I'll never forget the look of the monster, and while I've tried for my entire life to find SOME similarity however the closest I've gotten was Marchosias who had wings and stood on all fours. Could anyone possibly point me to possibilities as to what it was? The brain can't make things up without having seen them before at some point.

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  • 8 months ago

    It was the thing in your nightmares.  Nothing more, nothing less.  

    Nightmares are just dreams gone bad, and I've had more than a few of those myself.  Some were really graphic with vivid details, and some were just me jolting awake covered in cold sweat with a feeling of intense fear.  To this day, I can't decide which type is more frightening.

    But I don't just have bad dreams, I have really good dreams too.  And they're still just dreams, no real-life meaning of any kind behind them at all.  And I can prove it.

    If dreams were connected to real life in any way, I would know.  If dreams had any impact on real life, Beyoncé, Heather Locklear, Brittney, Sophie Turner, Lita Ford, Queen Elizabeth II, Emilia Clarke, Beverly D'Angelo, Lynda Carter, the hot girl at work, my hot neighbour, several strippers and that chick from Murder She Wrote, or at least one or two of them, would have called me by now and thanked me for the incredible sex.  And trust me, they would remember.

    But alas, my phone remains silent.  That's how I know it was all just a dream.

  • Alan H
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    8 months ago

    It was a figment 

  • j153e
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    8 months ago

    Perhaps a symbol of the anti-Christ.

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