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Are CNAs not that great of jobs ?

I just read that they make a little over 20k a year, their class to become a CNA is short and I heard it’s a high turnover job

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    CNA [Certified Nursing Assistant] is one of the growing fields nowadays and also have good opportunities for the future. CNA is the main role that acts as a bridge between patients and doctors. As a CNA you have to be certified from the university or institute such as AIHT Education. CNA can work in a range of medical facilities including long-term care facilities, hospitals, clinics, specialist offices, doctor’s offices, acute care facilities, etc.

    You can review the below link for how to apply for a CNA job?

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    Cleaning up **** , wiping an old resident's ***, making beds, feeding someone does that sound like fun. This job is only a stepping stone to something better. Requires very little intelligence.

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    It’s usually a stepping stone to a career, not a long term job. So actually yes, it’s a great job if you’re in school to be a nurse, physician’s assistant, etc.

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    It’s an okay job if you don’t have a lot of financial needs, I.e: you don’t have kids, don’t need to live in a house (an apartment/condo is good enough for you), you don’t have a car/have a cheap car, etc. it’s fine for a nursing student who is trying to get their foot in the door. it’s also fine if you have a partner that makes significantly more.

    I’m a nursing student, about to graduate this May. I’ve done several rotations in hospitals, and I’ve held jobs in hospitals. I’m currently a per diem CNA. All of the CNAs I work with have husbands with good jobs or they’re very low maintenance people with no kids but a desire to help out.

    Yes the turnover rate is super high because it’s a lot of physical work. There’s nothing analytical about it. Just vitals, baths, ambulation, and bodily fluids really. I’d recommend trying to be a CNA in labor and delivery, as that job seems better than other CNA jobs based on my externship on an L&D unit.

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    It has to be for you. You can make more at McDonald's. You have to want to work in health care but it is a low level, so you are lifting people in an out of bed, helping change them, bath them etc.

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    CNA, Certified Nurse Aides/Assistants are a relatively low skill job, not paid well, and are the nasty cleanup and physical help. This is the USA, but some countries are in lower pay scales-

    The turnover is high because people expect more on both sides. The CNAs expect more respect and more "tender" care of people and the nurses and doctors just see you as extra help to do what they don't want to do.

    It does not take a lot of learning, but the reward level is low.

    Depending upon your location, dental hygenists, various lab technicians, physical therapy assistants, and strangely in cosmetology working with dead people in a mortuary earns more than most working with living people.

    In the field you are looking at, you need to be at least one step higher.

    More than a CNA, and less than an RN, there usually exists two year programs for secondary school graduates that do many nursing duties.

    With this, you can career advance.

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    If you're attractive and have a good personality you might be able to get a desk job doing intake at places like rehabs.

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    Emptying bedpans and urinals, changing sheets, cleaning up bodily fluids. Does that sound like fun?

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    CNA stands for "Certified Nurse Assistant"

    It basically means you help in hospitals and nursing homes, doing lousy tasks that higher ranking medical professionals don't want to do.

    For example you'll be responsible for bathing and dressing patients who are unable to do that for themselves due to injury, illness or old age.

    You'll be responsible for changing bed sheets - which are often soiled by patients who are unable to control their bodily functions or leave their bed to use the restroom.

    Oh, and since patients need care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including holidays, CNAs often have to work undesirable shifts such as nights, weekends and holidays.

    Its lousy work, but someone has to do it, and if you become a CNA then that someone will be you.

    Becoming a CNA is a good place to start in the medical field because it only requires a quick, cheap certificate program and gets you to a point where you can at least make some money while you work through the longer schooling programs needed for higher careers. It also helps you get relevant experience in the medical field.

    There is high turnover because people who are working toward a higher medical position quit their CNA job once they can move up to a better and higher paying job. People who aren't trying to move up get tired of the lousy tasks, lousy hours and low pay and leave the industry to do something else.

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