Should i say in my room i am renting for the care that my roommates give me or should i move to a bigger room with more luxury? ?

I just moved into a room of an old air b and b i sayed at and they accept me for who i am and what i do. I am the only male in the house but everything is great. They even let me sit with them when they make a meal and don't mind the lifestyle i live. They take good care of the house and everything, and i as well. However i came across another room that is twice as big, private balcony, private bath, and males only for the same price i am paying currently. The landlord says the current tenets been there for a while and take good care of the house as well. I have yet to meet the tenets and they are of older age of me.(I am 23 and most the household is 40-50, but i am quite mature with roomates). I love the new feature of the second room could seem like a dream, but the hospitality of the current room i am renting keeps me pondering that i should stay. Please give me some opinions yahoo friends on what i should do. I'll give some more info if requested but its pretty broad. Luxury or love in some sense? I'm not sure xD Just need some feedback from others you know?

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  • 8 months ago

    I would take the bigger one.  You can always stay friends with & socialize with your old roommies. 

  • 8 months ago

    Perrsonally, if you are really happy where you are, then I would hesitiate to move to a bigger place unless you really needed the space.  Maybe you won't get along with the new roommates and you can't always tell from meeting with them. Your call but I'd probably just stay where I was.

  • Bort
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    8 months ago

    I'm a male and have never had it work out well with other male room mates because males are males and not all of us can put our ego's aside. Stay where you are.

  • 8 months ago

    I think if you're happy where you are you should stay there.

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  • 8 months ago

    Why isn't your "T" key working when you type "Stay"?

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