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If we launched 1 million nuclear weapons into the sun would the sun get bigger?

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    This would Destroy the Sun? The Sun uses Fusion which is light elements converting from Hydrogen into Helium plus energy. A Nuclear weapon uses the opposite Nuclear Fission uses Heavy Element Uranium to break down into smaller elements plus energy. A million Nuclear weapons would probably reverse the Fusion Reaction in the Sun?  

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    If we were to throw the entire planet Earth (along with all the nuclear weapons it carries) into the Sun, the Sun would probably not even burp.

    All of Earth's mass (including the weapons) represents 0.0003% the mass of the Sun. 

    The Sun is mostly hydrogen and helium; it presently contains a small percentage of "metals" (= anything other than hydrogen and helium). Some of that is iron.

    The iron makes up a tiny percentage of the mass of the Sun. And yet, if you could put together all the iron atoms in the Sun, you'd get THREE TIMES the mass of Earth. As it is now, this total mass of iron is still way too small to affect the fusion process in the Sun.

    Adding the whole planet Earth to the mix would hardly change anything to what goes on inside the Sun. Exploding any weapon (at any time in the process) would not change anything. The energy released by these "puny" explosions would be nothing compared to the energy released by the Sun.

    Maybe some of the heavier metals (uranium and plutonium, for example) would migrate to the core and, in a small way, interfere with the fusion process (by getting in the way of the colliding hydrogen atoms). The Sun would get a tiny bit hotter (by a degree or two) in order to increase the collision energy available to the hydrogen atoms - to compensate for the "interference".  This would be caused by the Sun's internal gravity, not by the explosions of whatever Earth carried into the Sun.

    This increase in the Sun's output (the higher temperature) could shorten the Sun's life by a few thousand years - over the remaining five billion years.

    Of course, we would not be around to check this difference, as some dummy would have thrown the Earth into the Sun...

  • 9 months ago

    They would have no effect on the sun at all.

  • 9 months ago

    It would have the effect of a F4rt in a Hurricane

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  • 9 months ago

    No. The Sun is over a million times larger in volume than Earth, and over a thousand times larger than Jupiter. We could throw the whole of the solar system into the Sun and it would make hardly any difference. It would maybe shorten its life very slightly.

  • MARK
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    9 months ago


    They would not reach the Sun before they were simply vaporised.

    It is like asking if a million men pee'd into the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Portugal if the east coast of the USA would be flooded. (The answer to that is also no.)

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    yes. it will become a seven million mile long erection.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Assuming you can even send nukes that far without melting long before they got there. The Sun is itself basically a huge nuclear fusion bomb that's exploding every second. And every second it produces the equivalent of 86 quadrillion tons of TNT! The biggest nuclear bomb ever made was 50 megaton of TNT, or 50 million tons. That means we'd have to send 1.7 billion of these 50 megaton bombs every second to the Sun just to produce an explosion equal to what the Sun is already producing by itself each second. So launching just 1 million bombs towards the Sun will hardly be noticed.

  • 9 months ago

    Wont even reach

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    no and that's assuming we have nukes capable of getting there,which we don't.

    i suggest you reexamine just how large and far away the sun is.

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