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Weighting scale saying I weight 11stone 12 pounds but I am skinny. I’m confused please help?

Something that’s just bugging me at the minute is what the weighting scales are telling me! I have never been as toned as I have been before. Doing kettlebells 1/2 time’s a week and some cardio classes. Try to get to the gym 3/4 nights a week. But the scales are telling me that I’m 11stone 12 pounds. I’m a size 10/12 in clothing and I have never been this heavy and I’ve never been in better shape. Weight is something that I would be cautious off and I always try to stay around the size 10. Is it the muscle that is causing this? Just to me watching operation transformation and seeing one of the leaders is nearly the same weight but bigger then me confuses me a lot. TIA

I am 22 and extremely sporty as well. 

I started kettlebells back in September and took two weeks off at Xmas. Before I started it I would have been around the 10 13/ 11stone mark

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    Muscle is denser than fat, so the fitter and more toned you are, the more you'll weigh with the same measurements. (This means BMI is unhelpful for very physically active people like labourers and athletes.)

    Or the scales could just be plain wrong. Try a different set.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Forget the scale.  Take all your clothes off and look in the mirror.  That will give you the answer.

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