new computer for my son - jon maffee anti virus is blocked?

which can i use then dr dorton? window wall? whats the good ones for trojans as my son is a avid gamer (dell pc) he was recomended maffee but it wont do it. better solution?

is dorton canadian? i want AMERICAN as its a dell (american) which is the one?

by the way its dell gamer model if that helps. thanks. and i wan a free one - but NOT chinese junk!!!


by the way, its the dell BLACK gamer model, with the red fans, and it runs microsoft window. and by the way its got large memory so it can do a big program if thats needed. maybe like the maffee suite which was on our HP (god rest that HP it crashed ahrd on my sons game and he walloped it with a hamer when i was at work) the dell is powerful i dont know maybe it can get the virus off by itself. i notice its learning fast!

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  • 8 months ago
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    if you have windows 10 you are fine already... windows defender (on the latest version of windows 10) is a top anti virus program and free.

  • 8 months ago

    I would go on internet and use avast

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