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Baby barely has teeth and doesn’t eat baby food that often.. will baby puff cereal be okay for them to eat?

Baby is 9 months old and mostly eats bottles because of their weight isn’t where it should be for their age. Doctor wants my baby to get used to eating solids but I’m worried that since baby isn’t eating much baby food that they’ll choke on the cereal 

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    Try the Gerber baby snacks; the baby Puffs cereal snacks or the Yogurt Melts, they're "solid food", but they can't choke, they're somewhat dissolvable, I don't think it's possible to choke on them. Also, babies like picking them up and playing with them. Also, you could just start feeding yogurt and stuff that's sort of like baby food.

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    If your baby is not doing well on the formula he/she is eating, consider trying a different formula with a different base. The baby may be sensitive to the formula currently eating so if, for example, the baby is eating a formula with a dairy base, try a soy-based formula - or the opposite depending on what she/he is currently being fed. Don't just feed cow's milk, because this can cause allergies before one year.

    Unless the baby has trouble swallowing, usually when a doctor says give "solids", it means baby food. Give the strained foods made for babies and find ones the baby likes. 

    Most foods that are made for babies, ought to be O.K. Keep in mind that in adding some of these foods, the baby may do better. Try different strained baby foods, and try a variety of foods like these, adding one each few days so you can track any reactions to them.

    It would help to know how many teeth the baby has, and which ones. Some people also put fruits and other things inside a special strainer that the baby can suck on, called "Munchkin fresh food feeder". Our granddaughter really liked this. There are also baby teething cracker/cookies that melt in the baby's mouth. 

    Try the baby puff cereal in your own mouth. See if it melts or what it does. (we tried this when our daughter was worried about her baby eating similar things). It might be assumed it dissolves in the mouth, similar to teething biscuits. See how it feels to you. Ask the doctor about this, if you still have questions.

    Look up "Munchkin fresh food feeder".

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    The cereal is fine but the question is why?  Puff cereals don't offer any nutrition benefit.  And your baby IS getting used to eating solids.  Some are just slower starters.  I had one who couldn't tolerate any solids until he was 14 months.

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    Puffs will be fine. My (toothless) daughter is eight months old and has been eating rice rusks (similar to the puffs, just more of a cracker than a little bite-sized piece, lol) without any issues. There was a time or two when she first started that she would cough a little like it was going down the wrong way (if that makes sense, lol), but by the time I freaked out, it had already dissolved and wasn't an issue anymore.

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    Make sure the cereal is soaked in milk first and you should be good. Crunching is done with the molars.

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