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How to have a stable income?

I work for Wendy's as a crew member and I have been getting my hours cut for the past 2 weeks.. Should I go back to school? How can I do that? I have been thinking about asking to put my manager as a reference for me to apply to other jobs if she is going to keep cutting my hours because I have to pay bills too.. Should I ask her? Because when I was interviewed she made it clear that she wanted somebody who could come in on call anytime of the day, but if I have two jobs of course I can't come in on call if I have to work at my other job. She told me I was going to go home early again today and I asked her why. She said she had too many people. A couple of minutes later she told me to take my 30 (min break aka lunch). I asked her if she was sure. She said yeah but she didn't look me in my eyes. A 30 means I will be staying at least y hrs at work today. She was going to send me home on my 3rd hr. That's why I asked her if it was okay. The reason I feel sad is bc they had scheduled me 6 hrs today and I was so happy I was starting to get more work. Then I come in to work only to find out that I am getting sent home half my day. This has happened for 2 weeks consistently now. This is the 4th time it was 'going' to happen. After I clocked out on my break I talked to her how I was doing and if my performance was acceptable. She said yes. Then she looked me in my eyes and told me I had to do sandwiches alone today. I was so confused because I don't know if this was a punishment or


If it was because she was going to send somebody else home. Either way I don't feel too good. I don't want to be responsible for her sending somebody else home because I was sad. I don't want to fight for hrs with my co-workers. I wish we could have peace here and never have to prove our worth for pay. I'm typing this through my phone on my lunch. I have to go back in 4 minutes. I hope somebody sees this. I will have to make sandwiches alone. I will do my best.

Update 2:

I just clocked out. 6 hrs. At the end of the shift my manager asked me if I was tired. I was confused. Why would you want to know if I was tired or not? Anyways, I told her no, not really. I could still do a little more.  She laughed at me and said "you wanted to stay long". This is when I could confirm that it was to spite me. She didn't care how I felt and if I was performing to her standards. She just wanted me to get tired. That's why she was all up on me today. She never really micromanages

Update 3:

but today she was ALL on me. I guess you could say she was testing me to see how much I wanted the job and hrs, but I definitely saw how she changed her act when I asked her why she was sending people home early and how my work performance was. It was something I caught. It's probably not a big deal, but it's something I learned about her. She would have definitely sent me home early if I didn't confront her. At the same time she had something against me for some reason.

Update 4:

I didn't ask to stay. She TOLD me to. That is what separates me and her. At the end of my shift she said "you asked to stay". No.. No, I did not ask to stay.. I asked why she was sending people home early and how my work performance was.. I did NOT ask to stay.

Update 5:

I ignored it. Clocked out and left. 

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  • Mini
    Lv 5
    3 months ago

    keep a stable income by staying at one job for a long time and you could get a raise/promotion. 

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  • 3 months ago

     "I wish we... never have to prove our worth for pay."

    That is what your job, and every other job in the world, is about.  Every. Single. One.You think Harvey Weinstein was fired for sexual harassment?  He'd been doing that for years, and everyone knew it. He was fired because the value of his work was less than the expense of paying off his victims.

    Wendy's isn't the WPA.  It doesn't exist to give people money no matter their performance. There's not some unlimited pot of money somewhere to pay an unlimited number of employees as much as they want.  The people that are the best performers get the most hours. The rest have their hours cut. The manager likely has a specific ratio he or she is allowed:  wages paid / monthly profits. She can't just give everyone 35 hours a week.

    Those people with fewer hours are free to seek employment elsewhere, and that's a good thing: they may be happier, more productive, and better paid elsewhere.

    It sounds like you're being scheduled for 6 hour shifts, and being sent home after 3 hours? Stinks, but it may be legal. You can check with your state labor board. Where I live,if we show up for work, our employers have to pay us for at least 4 hours. The boss can contact us before we come in, tell us to stay home, and not pay us at all. If your manager characterizes your work as "acceptable" that's not a compliment, you understand that, right? She could have said, good, excellent, outstanding, or whatever. Frankly, it sounds like she's trying to get you to quit.

    If you think asking her for a reference amounts to "I'll show you! I'll get another job!" don't kid yourself.  Someone cutting your hours isn't going to give you a fantastic reference.

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    • a3 months agoReport

      "This is when I could confirm that it was to spite me. She didn't care how I felt and if I was performing to her standards." Your words, hon. 'Acceptable' as a performance rating is very weak.  You lack a basic understanding of a job if you think you needn't prove your worth for pay.

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  • Bort
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    Most applications ask for your direct manager or supervisors information, their name and contact number. Share that information on the applications you fill out.

    It might be helpful to this situation to ask if she will allow you to stay and send someone else home because you need the hours and money. You're probably not the only one being sent home and the reason for sending people home is demand. If it's not busy with customers it's not relevant to have workers there standing around doing nothing.

    If the manager keeps sending you home decreasing your income you have to do what you have to do; get a different job that does pay your bills.

    I wouldn't ask for reference or give any indication at all that I'm looking for a new job until I have one. It's a fast food joint. They're not the best jobs in the world and are easy to get. Don't let Wendy's know you're looking for a new job if they won't increase your hours until you have another job and give notice that you're leaving. I also wouldn't give too much notice that you're leaving, again, because it's a fast food joint. If you try being 'professional' and give them a 2 week notice they're most likely going to terminate you the same day you give notice and then you may have zero income for those 2 weeks. That happens too often even with high paying jobs where the employer fires a person the same day they gave the company a 2 week notice that they're moving on to a different opportunity.

    If they won't increase your hours somehow find a new job and don't give notice or quit until you have a different job that does pay your bills. If you ask the manager if they'll be a reference they're going to know you're looking for another job so they might cut your hours even more.

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  • 3 months ago

    You should be in class everyday until you earn a degree.

    I would not put my life on hold for a part time job that cuts hours and wants you to come anytime they need you...

    Id work hours posted and not answer my phone at other are in class...

    I would either talk to managers about more consistent hours or advancement to a manager position.

    After talking to manager if your hours didnt increase or become more consistent then id look for another job with consistent hours so you go to class.

    Now get got a lot of back tracking on your education.

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  • 3 months ago

    Should you go back to school. I'd say yes as this is always a good choice. Currently, working at Wendy's is not a career choice. It's merely a job. Fast food restaurants generally schedule employees so they'll have a sufficient number on hand to cover any rush and, if there isn't any rush, won't hesitate to send you home early. Further schooling will help your career overall and I'd go for it if I were you.

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  • Vicki
    Lv 5
    3 months ago

    I would find another job. Just, find another one and don't use your old boss as a reference. Places will hire you without a reference. But, just look for something. You have bills to pay.

    Yes going back to school is an option. Look at your school funding options. Look at courses you would wanna take and want to work in as a career.

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  • 3 months ago

    Going back to school is easy. If you don’t have any degree, start out at community college to get your associate degree. It’s also cheaper and allows you to catch up. It’s also easier to get a higher grade so it’ll improve your chance of getting accepted when you transfer to a 4 year college.

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