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How to stop sliding while running suicides?

So, my coach makes us run at least 5 suicides and we have to do each of them in less than a minute or we’re kicked off the team. I practiced yesterday and noticed whenever I stop to turn around, I slide. Is there anything I could do to prevent that? Could I spit on my hands and rub them on my shoes? Or maybe wipe off my shoes with a cloth? Please help

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    By your question, I'm assuming you're doing this indoors.  If so, first make sure you're wearing the correct shoes with treads designed to promote multi-directional movement (as opposed to running shoes and a lot of "trainers" that are designed for "straight-ahead" movement.

    Keeping the soles free of dust is also important, but I'd caution against using spit....because saliva is thicker than water (and tends to get thicker during prolonged physical exertion) it tends to "stick" in the treads of your shoe and is difficult to remove completely.  That can cause you to slip on a smoother surface like a basketball court.

    I suggest getting a little water on your hands (sweat even works), lightly rubbing the bottom of your shoe to remove the dust and then dragging the soles across your socks to dry them off.  In addition, get in the habit of rubbing your soles on your socks even when your shoes are dry just to keep the dust from building.

    If you have time, the best method is to step on a slightly damp towel then drag your feet "floor mat" style across another, dry towel.  But in a pinch the socks are a good, quick substitute (in the "old days" it was common to see basketball players in knee socks with grey patches just above their inner ankle where they'd been dusting off their soles).

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