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How did life arise on Earth?

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    Even 30 web sites full with books to explain it (while it can/could with 50 sentences), again would exist questions on yahoo. So no point to answer.

    But here to make it easier to you = it existed before as other universe and other solar system but splashed apart. And this is arising.

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    There is no plausible explanation for how life could arise naturally from non-living matter and energy.


    Darwinian thought comes from the Victorian aera, from a time where it was believed that biological Cells could be conceived, as Darwin claimed, as coming from some warm little pond with all sort of ammonia and phosphoric salts,—light, heat, electricity present, that a protein compound was chemically formed, ready to undergo still more complex changes.... So basically, from the pre-history of biological sciences, where nobody had an idea what was going on.  

    Today we know better. Nonetheless, strange. That so many fight to keep a belief that has been overturned by science, cells are not simple strctureless bits of protoplasm, but of unparalleled gigantic complexity, a city, hosting billions of interconnected chemical factories, unimaginable for the human mind. Full of computers, information, machines, and factories. Fully automated, robot-like operated, enormously well suited to adapt to the environment. Such things come undoubtedly from a super intelligent creator. [Otangelo Grasso]

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    We aren't totally sure, but check out "abiogenesis" in science books. That is one possibility

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    No one knows the answer to your question yet, partly because we don't yet know if the primitive atmosphere was reducing, and if it was reducing, we don't know how reducing it was.  It's much easier to form complex organic compounds in reducing conditions.

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    " It seem to me the life it is begun by Miracle " Francis Crick 1953 Nobel prize for DNA discovery 

    So the evolution theory it is wrong 

    Intelegente Design created the life : 


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    Modern science has no theory about the emergence of life. We have many hypotheses but non are supported well-enough to be elevated to a scientific theory.

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    This is called abiogenesis. It is the subject of some research although probably not enough. We do not know and may be we will never know.

    This is one of the ways in which science and religion differ. Science does not claim to know everything and is neither afraid nor embarrassed to admit what it does not know.

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    How did ''Life on Earth'' start ?

    Well ..

    To be honest, even ''From Outer Space'' is actually more likely than ''God did it''

    but I'll go for the ''Abiogenisis'' option.

    Too complicated to explain here .. Google ''Abiogenesis''

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    We don't know yet.  Two of the prominent groups working on it are listed below:

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    Nobody really knows, but it seems to have been to do with warm pools of water with organic compounds in them being exposed to radiation and lightning.

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