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I'm doing an online part-time job. I've signed a contract with a company. I doubt if the contract is useless to me. What do you think?

It's not an electronic contract, but a written contract by fax. However,  I'll impossibly charge the company with owing me a monthly pay of several hundred dollars as the company location is so far away from my city. On the contrary, the company will charge me with leakage of confidential information if I do so. Thus it's actually an unilateral contract.

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    It's not unilateral if they are paying you. You shouldn't have signed the contract unless unless you were in full agreement with the terms and conditions.

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    Sounds like they have a non-disclosure agreement and then there is an employment contract as well?  

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    If you signed the contract that means you agree to the terms, rules, and policies of it. Period.

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    They don't owe you a monthly pay regardless of distance. You are not going to do well with this.

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