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Breaking social norms ideas?

I have a school assignment which reads as follows:

You are going to choose 1 social norm to break and then commit to breaking that norm for 1 day.

 This includes things like walking backwards all day, yelling everything you say, greeting people by their last names etc. What are some fun and creative norms I could break??*** (Caution: do not do anything illegal, dangerous, or that could cause harm to yourself or others!!)

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  • Dr. D
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    1 month ago

    - Wear clothing intended for the opposite gender.

    - Wear shoes that don't match.

    - Go to school in your pajamas.

    - Wear a bra outside and backwards so it points out your back.

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  • 1 month ago

    - wear your clothes backwards, clothes inside out 

    - walk with dirty clothes

    - just wear a speaker to play fart noises 

    - walk into the elevator the same way you want to walk out. (walk in facing everyone, and walk out backwards)

    - referring people to opposite gender pronouns

    - talk about yourself in 3rd person 

    - slurp your food

    - burp when you eat

    - pick your nose

    im bad at this

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