What song should I sing?

So I’m auditioning for this play and I wanted to sing part of your world but my best friend who is also auditioning is doing that song she was the first one to sign up to audition She was going to sing How Far I’ll Go but then she decided it wasn’t in her range Then I helped her pick a song I suggested Part of Your World because I love that song and we’re the same range and the song is so easy for me to sing Then today I found out my mom signed me up for the same play and I have to sing a song tomorrow and audition It has to be a disney song So I’m a little mad at myself that I suggested Part of Your World but whatever I’m an alto The highest note I can sing is C5, but I have to use my head voice The highest note I can sing with a strong voice is probably G4

I have considered these songs though

I just can’t wait to be King-It’s fine but I don’t love the song 

A whole new world-I find it heart holding “a whole new world” right after singing “a magic carpet ride” because “a magic carpet ride” takes a lot of breath and so does “a whole new world

For the First Time in Forever-it has a few high notes, which is ok, but it’s not the best to risk your voice cracking in an audition 

I see the light-“never ever knowing” I have a hard time hitting the “even” without my voice cracking

Also, I don’t know any pocahontas or hercules songs because I have never seen those movies. 

What song should I sing Or can you help me with one of the problems I have with my other songs

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  • 8 months ago
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    Sing whatever you want to sing, even if it's the same song.

  • Kevin
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    8 months ago

    For future reference (since this has already happened?)

    1) Make a google doc or spreadsheet of all the repertoire you've learned. What key you've learned it in, the range of that key, the style/genre (theatre, art song, pop etc). 

    2) Audition with your best stuff. The audition piece is to showcase you, so far better that you pick a song that's being done if you perform it better than you do your other pieces. 

    3) If you're really serious about being involved with music, make a music diary specific for auditions. Ask yourself, a) What was the competition, what were you going to sing. b) How did you prepare? When did you start preparing? How prepared did you feel? and finally c) Describe the audition, high and lows. Even if you didn't 'win', did you feel you performed well? What could of improved? Judge critiques + your own.

    #3 because it's really important to critically reflect on how you prepared and how the audition goes. If your honest and diligent about journaling your auditions, you may find it insightful in the long run if you notice a trend. "Hmm, I always do this warm-up right before, maybe I should try doing the warm-up earlier and see if I feel more prepared." 

  • keerok
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    8 months ago

    Sing the same song. No problem.

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    whatever song you want to sing

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