I think we're going to get spoiled again, I think we're going to the final of the Champions League this season lol ?

I just have that feeling you get, Liverpool fans will know which one im talking about. Its that feeling of something BIG coming, bigger than what we done last season.

omfg we're going to do the treble this year AND win the league undefeated AND regster more than 100 points in the premier league lol!

next season we'll be singing

# champions of england! #

# champions of europe! #



btw somebody asked me if i was related to aces,  the answer is NO ?

seriously though, wtf !? : ))

3 Answers

  • August
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Something bigger is coming to YOU Aces, could it be that the genie to summoned will bring you a bigger shed so that you can invite your friends around to discuss all football matters  

  • Steven
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    I would be happy with the league, champion league will be bonus

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  • actually aces, i read the next post...i would this time guess this was an alias of yours from the way you ask the question....seriously...when users have a certain style and method  ie smileys  or lolz   etc...then it gets easier to identify them, maybe why you decided to remove the mask anyway....  previously though i thought it may of been danny ... LFC Danny..but i wouldn't if i'd seen this post...

    jeez shiit you're saying, yeah i know i fancy myself as a bit of a gumshoe in case you ain't noticed  lol

    oh yeah da q,  i'm not pushing my luck man  anyone can win a footy match... or lose you a footy a match  ie  a ref  or a dumb move by a player...too many random possibilities...lets just see how far we can take it...


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