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Mailing a letter to London (UK) from Texas (USA)?

So I have a very close friend in London that I am trying to send a letter too (something around 6 x 9 in envelope with a piece of paper & a small drawing in it) and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do the addresses in the UK or USA format. And would it something I would have to directly take to the post office rather than leaving it in a mailbox? 

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    Use the UK format. It will get there with fewer mistakes. Take it to the post office so you get the correct postage and you have any necessary customs documents.

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    Write the mailing address in UK format.

    If you're not sure how much postage to use, take it to the post office and have a postal worker tell you before you send it.

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    Emm, give the letter to your mother to post for you.

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    It would not get delivered in the UK if not a proper UK address is used.

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  • Maxi
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    You write the address UK name, address, postcode and take it to the PO so you get the correct amount of stamp cost

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    Why would it be anything other than a UK address in the UK format when you're sending it to the UK? Jesus christ a little bit of common sense please  

    None of us in the UK are going to know the US postal system. Go and ask an adult.

  • Clive
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    You need to write the address in the UK format as all the USPS are going to look at is the last line, see UK or UNITED KINGDOM there, OK this is foreign post, that's where it goes and only the Royal Mail at the British end need to read the rest.  Think about it - all the USPS need to do is get it on a flight to the UK, then once it gets there, the rest is the Royal Mail's problem!

    The proper format is whatever your friend told you.  This should be something like


    House number and street

    TOWN (in block capitals)



    It used to be normal to put the county name in too but this is no longer required.  If you want to really check that it's in the format the Royal Mail likes, go here Just enter the postcode and that will narrow it down a lot - postcodes only cover a small number of addresses each.  For example, I live in a block of 94 flats and there's 2 postcodes just for us!  (In theory, just the house number and the postcode is enough to pinpoint the exact address but that's not helpful to the poor posties having to sort the mail!)

    If you know exactly how much the postage is and have the stamps for that, you can leave it in a mailbox.   If you're not sure, take it to the post office and they can weigh it and sell you the right stamps.

    How much postage you need depends on weight and size - you can calculate that on the USPS web site.  In my experience airmail across the Atlantic takes a week.

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    Not a Travel question. If it's going to a UK address, then obviously the address goes in UK format. The UK DOESN'T have zip codes, you know.

    Go to your local post office and ask THEM.

  • pmt853
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    The UK system is name, house name or number, street, town or village, county, postcode, country. Our posties can usually work it out just fine if it's ordered differently. You will need to take it to your post office in order to get the correct stamps for the size and weight of the letter.

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    Take it to the Post Office, to get the correct stamps.

    Use the UK format, as their postal system will have to dispatch it to the actual address. All that is definitely need, is the street/road name and house number, plus the Post (zip) Code. The US Postal Service just needs to see UK on it.

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