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Why do idiots think our universe is hologran?

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    I've done more than live my life. I've seen more than what life seems to intend for most. Some believe that nature has a perfect order, a comprehensible design. We are easily convinced of what we are able to measure, observe. Our reality is what we are capable of experiencing, measuring, observing...we place ideal limits upon the truth, reality, what's objective based upon this. 

    I've seen more that what most have measured, observed, experienced. There is a nature beyond, perhaps even hidden within this nature, or so it would appear. A hidden mystery to what seems ordinary...a unknown nature in what appears to be so well known/ factual...

    You experience your reality, world in time... 

    I've seen time break away... I've experienced time shifts... I've seen different dimensions of reality....

    They observe quantum wo wo in labs, and in controlled conditions. Bizarre things can be observed under the right conditions...some would assume that such conditions can not or do not exist the ordinary....

    I am far from the un-ordinary and I have experienced some truly bizarre things.  Synchronicties that go far far deeper than a simple rational explanation would explain away as chance or coincidence or statistical.... 

    Your holographic universe isn't really that far fetched. Though it makes people comfortable to think all of this has some order or perfect arrangement that we can make sense of and already grasp in full. The idea that there are other hidden realities within the one we observe and know is just far beyond many....

    I can not discount what I experience, feel here, what is real and what you'd consider to be real... but I do believe that there is a hidden reality beyond or even within this one we experience, something quite more bizarre and that could be considered un-natural....

    Such a world is not easily observed or measured by our boundaries, conditions, beliefs, science and mathematics but we do get glimpses into such a world.... and some of us get far more than a simple glimpse...

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    You have already answered your own question... because they are idiots!

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    Maybe marijuana sometimes be hitting hard to the point where your mind gets fucked. That would explain school 🔫🔫.

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    Because all physics in a 3 dimensional space with gravity is isomorphic to the physics of quantum field theory without gravity on the 2 dimensional boundary of that space.

    An example of the Holographic Principle is the information inside a black hole is totally contained on the 2D surface of its event horizon. The entropy and information content of a black hole is proportional to its surface area, not its volume.

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    It would go a long way in explaining how reality keeps "changing".  The Mendela effect for example.

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    What is hologran?

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    Because the earth is flatter than a pancake, and the universe is just a cliche

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    Because their minds are lost inside a Computer Game

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    I think it could be that they think that because they are idiots. Doesn't that make sense?

  • From a theoretcial point of view, the universe as a hologram is a scientifically valid concept although it is beyond the grasp of the ignorant and intellectually feeble.

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