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Planning to go toUtah in early march. Do they still have snow? I checked monthly weather but it seems a lot warmer than i imagined.?

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    Utah is very diverse. In the SW corner, around St George, no. At the NW corner, probably yes.

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    I did geology field school in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and there were snow fields in July.  Not huge ones, but still snow, especially in the northern-facing bowls.  So yes, the mountains will have (lots of) snow in March unless it is a very unusual year.  Down in the flatlands, the desert basins, well, that can be a different story.

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    depends on what part of Utah.

    The mountains are very different from the desert. 

    I remember driving from Phoenix with temps in the 80s to the mountains with feet of snow and spending the day skiing. 

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