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Are rabbits very noisy at night?

I’d really love a rabbit, but can’t keep one in the garden due to my Doberman so was thinking of getting one in the house and keeping it in my bedroom. My only concern is that it will be very noisy at night? I currently have a hamster in my bedroom and she’s very quiet, makes minimal noise and never keeps me up, she gets at least an hours exercise a day running around so possibly why she isn’t restless at night. If you have any experience with house bunnies please let me know as I would love one 😊

Also don’t want to hear ‘it’ll be dangerous with a Doberman’ as there is no way he can get in my bedroom, he cant open round door knobs and everything is safe and secure.

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    1 year ago

    I beleive Anne Summers does a good range of rabbits.

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    no bunnys are quiet    maybe if something startles them they may thump their back feet    give him something to eat like a carrot before you go to bed make sure he has his pellets and water 

  • Ocimom
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    What makes you think rabbits are noisy pets?  They are quiet pets during the day or the night.

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    Chances are high that it will keep you awake. That's a common complaint for rabbits kept in a bedroom- especially for light sleepers. Rabbits can be active at night. Things that can wake someone up (or keep them awake) are the sounds of munching on cardboard or other toys, tossing toys, and hopping about a cage causing the cage to rattle.

    We keep ours in the main living area of the home. That way they don't bother anyone plus they get to be around the family during the day.

    They need much more than 6 square ft. Check the House Rabbit Society for confirmation. In the US, rabbits don't get vaccinated. 

    For ideas on housing rabbits indoors, check 

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  • Nathan
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    1 year ago

    Please make sure you have enough room, one rabbit needs 6 square feet of room (though it's suggested you get a pair). I also want to mention that hamsters need a minimum cage size of 80x50cm as not many people are aware, they trust pet shops who feed inaccurate, and harmful, advice. 

    Rabbits are not very noisy, normally in the night they will sleep (occasionally getting up to use their litter box, eat or drink from their water bowl. Of course, it's important you give them lots of toys to play with so they don't become bored and destructive (baby toys are great for them too). They are very expensive pets - from food costs to medical costs, it can be a lot.

    They require.constant access to a high quality hay as well as two feedings of pellets and fresh vegetables a day. You should not use water bottles because they can't get as much water as they need in comparison to the amount of work it takes, so most with a water bottle are dehydrated and may become ill.

    Rabbits MUST be seen by a vet once a year as a minimum, usually for their vaccinations though many need one for other health issues as they can live for 10 years on average.

    You having a Doberman doesn't change anything as he can't get to the rabbit - the actual breed is not dangerous, it's the owner/breeder that makes them genetically aggressive though that has worn down drastically since people have started using pit bulls instead for illegal dog fighting.

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    My neighbors have two pet rabbit's. They're our dog sitters if my wife's apprentices aren't available. Rabbits are very quiet.

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    It depends on the rabbit and the setup. One common noise complain is the rabbit trying to get out of a cage. If the rabbit has free run of the room this wont be an issue or you need to get a rabbit that doesn't mind being caged at night so get a lazy rabbit. No babies or active breeds. 

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I owned a rabbit.  I moved it from room to room because it spent the night trying to get out of its pen.

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