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Samsung screen removal ?

I have hit into a problem removing the screen from my Samsung 65" smart tv model number UE65H6400AKXXU, I have removed the bezel surround and now want to flip the circuit boards on the bottom of the screen and tape them to the screen but I don't know the sequence and what purpose the 6 white plastic tabs are for see pics?


Thanks Jim

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  • 8 months ago

    Don't do it.


    Some of those things are Very tricky to take apart. 


    If you break the LCD panel, you're finished. 


    There are Thousands of connections in those foil parts along the edges.

    Screw up just one, and you'll regret it. 


    Put it all back together Exactly like it was

    and Take It To A TV Repair shop.  

    I wonder...

    Are you trying to take it apart with it standing upright?

    Jeez, I hope not!


    Source(s): I have watched a professional do it many times, and helped a few times. Believe me when I tell you that if you don't already know your way around inside a TV, You Need To Keep Your Hands Out Of It.
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