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Why don’t flat-earthers go to the edge of the flat earth and take a picture to prove they are right ?

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    9 months ago
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    what's truly amazing about flat earthers is if you offered to take them up and helium assisted balloon so that they can actually see the curvature of the Earth with their own two eyes they will refuse!

  • 8 months ago

    Theres a few reasons. 1: Even if you were to take them up on a very high air balloon they might refuse or if they see a curvature they might still make up a new excuse that the earth is still not a sphere but a curved disk. You would have to have NASA offer to take one up to the international space station honestly. It would have to be a very prominent flat earth theorist for this to make a difference in other flat earthers. Even then many/most flat earthers would say that that person was compromised or paid by the government to silence them and try to put the reigns on flat earth theory. These people are highly conspiracy theory oriented. 2: they believe that the earth has a massive ice wall around it and that it is heavily guarded by militaries and that they would be killed for trying to go there. A trip like that would also require that they make sure they are in control of the direction of the trip at all times. They would probably accuse the captain of the boat or pilot of the plane of taking them in a circle or arc instead of straight around the globe. 3: many of them don't actually have the financial means to make a trip like this possible. 

  • MARK
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    8 months ago

    There are probably three good reasons why they don't do this. First, they don't get out much. Second, that would be called gathering evidence. They don't do that. Third, may be they're frightened of falling off the edge.

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    That would be too much like science. So that would be against their religion. Just forget all concepts of evidence and proof and you too can start thinking like a flat-earther.

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  • Tom S
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    9 months ago

    They would have to leave their mom's basement.

  • J
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    9 months ago

    They would be terrified of falling off....🤣

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