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What are some high school level science projects?

I’m out of ideas, and everything online seems like it’s for elementary school. I’m not going todo anything involving a microscope, because I don’t have access to one

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  • Dale-E
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    If you might be interested in electronic circuitry, develop a light receiver that will transduce modulated light into sound for your ears, to help explain modulated light in your environment. Then, you could include a history of modulated light technology, along with an explanation of your project's peculiarities and basic functionality.  

    Source(s): A. Bell pioneered the use of modulated light, but honestly, was not the first in telephony.
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    I could give you several that have taken best of show in their categories, from county level to international. However, they wouldn't do you any good. You need something that is of interest to YOU or you won't go very far. What I can tell you is this. Keep reading in your chosen field until you come up with a question that the writer does not answer. Then design a study to answer that question.

    Okay, I will tell you the one that took best in category in Zoology at the International Fair held in Philadelphia about 20 years ago. The girl discovered a different looking shrimp, took it to a zoologist who described it as a new species and named it after her. I evaluated that project but thought that it deserved second place to another project, where the student did all the work. I was overruled by the other judges in Zoology.

  • Anonymous
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    Make opiods.  All the pharmaceutical companies are doing it.  You just got to find the guinea pigs to see what happens.

  • 9 months ago

    Are Psychic Powers real?

    Learn how to do double-blind test and set up some for your classmates.

    Teachers LOVE interactive projects

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