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What is Wii and how to connect WiiConnect24 service? Plase help?

How to connect? What si RiiConnect24 how to get? What is homebrew?

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    1. The wii is a console from Nintendo that was released in 2006.

    2. WiiConnect24 doesn't work anymore. I think that's all you need to know.

    3. Homebrew is pretty much the jailbreak equivalent of the wii and wii u. You can get a bunch of perks from using it, but it reqiures some hacking.

  • 1 year ago

    Let's unpack this multi-part question.

    1) What is Wii? -- The Wii is Nintendo's 7th Generation home console that was initially release in Nov., 2006.  The console has been succeeded by the Wii U in 2012 & the Switch in March, 2017.  The console was been considered discontinued in May, 2014.

    2) How to connect to WiiConnect24 services? -- Unfortunately, Nintendo has officially discontinued as of May 20, 2014...  so you can no longer connect to these services.

    3) What is RiiConnect24? -- RiiConnect24 is the unofficial 3rd party version of WiiConnect24, which is part of the WiiMMfi online services, that restores all major online services (excluding the eShop)

    4) How to obtain / utilize RiiConnect24? -- While there are multiple options, the most common ones are DNS tweaking (using DNS servers that reroute domain names requests to their servers) & softmodding your system (typically via the Homebrew Channel Installer + modded system IOS), which will restore service to Weather & News channels.

    5) What is Homebrew? -- Homebrew, more appropiately Homebrew apps, are applications that were programmed (or "brewed") independently (typically at "home").

    For more information about softmodding, please visit

    For more information about RiiConnect24 services (& how to set them up for your system), please visit

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    If you're asking "what is homebrew", you shouldn't touch it.  It involves you modding your system to play software written by anyone and could potentially harm the system either by the application being malicious or you doing something you shouldn't when in the guts of the system.

    WiiConnect24 was a WiFi service that would feed news, weather, etc. to the Wii over the Internet.  That has been shut down and there is no connecting to it as there's nothing to connect to.

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    Dude you're nearly 6-7 years too late for WiiConnect24. It was fully discontinued in mid-2014.

    In video game consoles, homebrew generally refers to software that is developed by third party people and that don't have authorization (in this case, by Nintendo) to make their apps/software. Homebrew apps can be programs that add functionality to your console and maybe even remove certain limitations, such as not being able to play backup copies of games, and so on. Consoles will not (by default) run unauthorized apps so you must first jailbreak or "hack" your console.

    I haven't really done much Wii modding in nearly a decade so I don't remember too much about it. I believe the last exploit that you can use to soft-mod your Wii is called Letterbomb. Look it up if you want to do this. Just be advised that soft-modding any console is inherently risky. If you have absolutely no idea what you're doing and/or careful, you can permanently damage your console.

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    you can get it on your wii but whatever you do do NOT instal priiloader that will mess up your wii and be very ery bad you will be sorrry 

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