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Why would a theocracy invest in nuclear bombs..isnt religion supposed to be about peace and love?

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    1 year ago

    Friend were talking about what the Bible calls Babylon the great. a true theocracy which worships almighty God and obeys Jesus Christ does not invest in war but the great harlot Babylon the great that's us the United States the ones that claim a nation under God but lie! We're the ones to blame for our own actions we turned away from the one true God and we let the foreigners come in now we have the mess that we have today

  • So as to more effectively threaten other countries.

    They rightly fear retaliation, that's why they are mistakenly shooting down passenger planes.

  • 1 year ago

    You don't get to be a theocracy by playing nice. Therefore a pacifist religion will never be at the center of a theocracy.

  • 1 year ago

    Some religions are about death to the infidels.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    You haven't been paying attention if that's what you thought. Stop listening to their words and focus on their actions.

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    1 year ago

    Religion has never been about peace and love. Just read a history book.

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    1 year ago

    Of a certainty

    not all religion is about peace and love.

    Some religions claim to be all about that

    and maybe some are


    for example

    Christianity and Islam don't (in general) claim to be all about that.

    (There may be some followers who claim so, but the respective "holy books" are clear that is not so.)

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