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Is there such thing as vinyl record restoration?

Or is a damaged record a lost cause and won't ever regain it's original sound quality? Specifically things like warping, cracks, dents, stains, smudges and scratches.

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    Well you can certainly clean the records really well by using a good record cleaning machine and good cleaning fluid.  You can also fix moderate warping again with a record machine designed for this.  

    But you cant fix scratches or badly worn groves.  I dont know of a company that does these services so you would have to either know someone or buy these machines yourself, and they are not cheap.  

    So unless its a extremely rare record and you cant find one used your limited in your options.  

    You would probably be better off looking for a used copy of that record that has been well taken care of.  Check out Discogs, its a great site for finding used records.


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  • Lance
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    9 months ago

    A lot depends on how much damage has occurred. Warping can sometimes be fixed if its not too sever, Various methods are available but most involve pressing the record between two flat surfaces usually glass and applying some kind of heat. Deep cleaning a record can also help with scratches smudges and stains...Also using a microscope and needle can sometimes take out a skip...So minor imperfections can be dealt with sometimes but the worse a record is the less likely it is that it can be repaired...Cracks and dents are the least likely things that can be repaired...

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    There are ways to make the audible effects less awful, 

    but not much real improvement can be made.  


    Hold on to the copies you have 

    and look for better ones to replace them with. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Damaged records are like used toilet tissue. They cannot be restored. They can be cleaned to prevent damage, and they should be cleaned every time before being played because dust and dirt not only makes it sound worse, but they can cause damage. Imagine a piece of dirt being found in the groove. It can cause the stylus (which is made of diamond) to jump and when it lands, the force of a hard stylus hitting the rotating record can damage the record surface. Once they are damaged, there is no restoration. CDs have built in error correction, but vinyl LPs do not. In the old days, people often record a new LP by playing it once, using magnetic tape and then play the tape instead of the record later, because every time an LP is played, it will be damaged by the stylus, even if the damage is slight. To minimize the damage and prolong the life of the LP, it is played as few times as possible. Once I switched to CDs in the 1980s, there was no going back to LPs.

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    9 months ago

    The only thing that can be done to the record itself is to remove dust and dirt. There's nothing that can be done to repair the physical damage you describe. A cracked or dented record couldn't even be played.

    As Mr Smartypants says, there are programs that can improve the sound quality of whatever is on the record but they work on a recording of the record, not the record itself. The record has to be playable before they can be used.

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    There are lots of ways to physically clean a vinyl record.  If the record will 'track', if the needle will stay in the groove, there are programs (even free ones) that will clean up the pops and clicks and scratches (though this is almost more of an art than a science).  If it's really badly damaged, there's not a lot that can be done.

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