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My cat is suddenly very affectionate?

My cat is female, has been spayed, and is a little older than a year and a half. Usually she only pays attention to me when it’s dinner time and wants her food. Sometimes if she sees me leave the house she’ll whine, as my parents have mentioned to me. She lets me pet her and hold her but for the most part she likes being alone. But lately she’s been following me everywhere and lays on my bed a lot. Today I was brushing her because she sheds a lot, and to my surprise she didn’t try to claw me or run away. She just laid down and let me do it. She’s still as nosy as ever though, so her personality traits haven’t completely changed. Maybe I have a hard time believing that she actually likes me now haha. To be honest I don’t think anything is medically wrong with her. I just want to get a better understanding of why this sort of thing could happen in cats. I didn’t really think her behavior would change like this so suddenly

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    This is one of the reasons people like cats.  Being more independent than dogs, there's a lot more individualism in their personality.  They can change. 

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    Contrary to popular belief, many cats start to settle and mature around 2-3 years of age. It's not uncommon for them to change behaviors, sleep spots, routines, etc. during this time, either. Cats who are still in their ones can still act like naughty little kittens, but they are slowly coming into their own as they enter their adult years and leave kittenhood behind. They don't just suddenly stop being kittens at one, or even two years old and honestly, kittens are too wild and restless and curious to sweeten up to anyone right away. They just go about their crazy kitty business, be damned, everyone else!

    This is probably how she will be. Praise her and love her and you will have a good, affectionate kitty.  I swear to GOD, one of my cats was going to send me to the nuthouse; he's a true Gemini kitty. Loved me one minute, clawed and scratched me the next, but now that's going to be 3 this year, he's settled down quite a bit and is so loving and affectionate. My other cat will be 4 and it took him a while to open up and calm down, too. Both will still be crazy kitties, but once they got out of kittenhood, they are both really loving. They weren't all that crazy about my husband or I as kittens at all.

    She sounds like a normal, healthy baby finally maturing and making her way into adulthood, and lucky for you, YOU'RE INCLUDED!

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