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Am I too fat and what type of exercise would you recommend? ?

165cm and 67kg currently. Not doing any exercise and don’t know where to start. 

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    First of all, "too fat" is a relative comparison.  Too fat for what exactly?  You have fat on your body that you don't need and not much muscle tone but your BMI is right at the top of the "normal" range at 24.61. A BMI of 25 or over is overweight. If you want to be slimmer and stronger, you will have to lose fat and gain muscle.  You'd be healthier if you weight around 60 kg.

    Weight loss is 80% diet.  If you eat more calories that your body used each day -- particularly for starchy carbohydrates like cereal, pasta, bread, rice, corn, potatoes, etc. -- your first step is to cut calories and improve the nutritional quality of the foods you eat.  You can find all kids of eating plans online or in books.  You should adopt a eating plan that focuses on fresh vegetables and lean protein with little or now starch carbs (bread, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes) or sweets and provides about 1,300-1,500 calories a day.  

    As for exercise, you can do any exercise you can actually perform. To burn calories, you  need to do aerobic or cardio exercise.  This type of exercise also improves your stamina and cardiovascular health.  This could be walking, hiking, jogging, running, riding a bike, lap swimming, taking a spin class, playing basketball or soccer, taking a dance or aerobics class, using an elliptical trainer, etc.  The key is to find something you are willing to do that get your heart rate up around 145 bpm for about 30 minutes at a stretch.  What you do is less important that doing it. Try different things.  Mix it up.  Work up.   You can join a class or follow a DVD or streaming video at home, or get involved in a sport.

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    you are not fat but if you wanted to get started on losing weight track what you eat for a day but don't pay attention to the limit just eat normally and see how far fromnormal you are eating and cut those calories out, also go for walks if you are just starting to exercise. Long brisk walks are great and then you can work to a jog and lifting weights is good too! i like to do at home workouts i find on youtube for 30 mins a day

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    There are lots of fitness gurus and professionals that tell us how simple it is to get fit and lose weight. Just eat less and exercise more. Just work towards those 10,000 steps a day and you will see the results. It is simple to them because they have trained themselves into a healthy lifestyle and see exercise as a hobby, not as a fitness programme.

    What about those of us that struggle to keep up with a regular fitness programme? There has to be a simpler approach for a better outcome – and there is. It is important that we all take one small step forward on the “exercise” path that will work for us.

    A gentle path with little room for progression won’t provide the best results. Yet, a steep ascent with lots of new challenges could be too much to handle. There has to be a middle ground.

    There are four different types of exercise that we want to cover here: cardio, strength training, core strength, and flexibility. Different people have different focuses depending on their current fitness levels and abilities. There is also a variety method within these exercise types to suit different needs and levels. Getting fit is important for all of us.

    Therefore, the ideal plan for a fit 25-year-old, one with plenty of free time, won’t be the same as that of a sedentary 45-year-old office worker. The approaches and needs of a 75-year-old with mobility issues will vary again. It is all about finding the right tools for the job, adapting them into a weekly schedule and having fun. Below we will consider the options for these three figures. Before that, let’s look at those different exercise forms.

    1) Cardio

    Cardio is another term for aerobic exercise, so anything that increases lung capacity and gets the blood pumping. Cardio is essential for weight loss and general fitness. Example activities include walking, running, swimming and teams sports.

    2) Strength Training

    strength training fitness weight lifting

    Strength training essentially means building muscle and tone. Anyone that is slim, but lacks muscle tone and strength, can work on this via specific exercises or weights. Some will enjoy testing themselves at the gym, while others find methods at home.

    3) Core Strength

    Core strength is a little different. The core muscles help to give us posture and balance. Developing the core via yoga and other fitness programmes, therefore, offers plenty of health benefits.

    4) Flexibility

    Flexibility and mobility go hand in hand. Some people can’t believe their limited range of motion, such as an inability to touch their toes. Regular exercise can help to correct these issues. Also, these improvements to the tendons and muscles could help pain conditions and other mobility problems.

    Start with small goals, complete them and build on them. With time, you can test yourself and work on new goals. You could add an extra session or activity, such as working out twice a week instead of once or walking to work on a Friday. Or, you can up the intensity of the current plan, with an extra 5 minutes or some more complex yoga positions.

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    Any harsh exercise can injure your joints until you lose weight...but you can march in place, do toe touches, dance, twist using arms. Start took you a long time to gain weight it will take long time to lose it. Be patient and don’t give up!

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    Honestly, you could lose 20 pounds or 8kilos. BUT you are a long way from fat.

    Try cutting out added sugar, sugary drinks. Cut out some carbs, like potatoes, rice. Walk briskly 20 minutes a day. You'll back slide. Start back at it and keep at it.

    If you can stick with that for 4-6 weeks you will see a difference. Then come back and get more info.

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