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Why is rugby considered a posh/upper class sport ?

I’m very much working class and I played rugby. Just because I came from a working class background did stop me from signing up for club rugby. I basically live and breathe rugby and my family is certain nowhere near posh lmao. Basically everyone in my team were working/middle class. 

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  • You don't see football/soccer played that much at universities in Britain. Small towns that don't have a Premier League/Championship football side but have rugby would be hotbeds of it. The London clubs (Saracens, Quins, etc.) have history and a fan base but clubs like Sale and Newcastle are very much competing for eyeballs with football.

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  • 2 months ago

    Anybody can and should play if they want to but it started out at posh private schools and so that's where the association started.  Also for a very long time Rugby Union was non professional and so richer people were in a better position to play it (they could afford to be injured and not have to do physical work).

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