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Anonymous asked in SportsRugby · 3 months ago

How come Rugby isn’t as popular in the UK as opposed to football ?

Kind of interesting considering both sports were invented in England, but some how rugby never quite got to the popularity as football did in the UK. Now I understand football is considered a simple game with simple rules that anyone can play, but it doesn’t fully explain why Rugby never got any where near as popular as football. When rugby reached Australia we preferred rugby over football (soccer as we call it) and wasn’t until after World War 2 soccer took off but never caught up to Rugby and Australian rules in popularity. Soccer is the most popular sport with the most players but as a spectator it’s about 3rd or 4th behind AFL, NRL and Union (Depends on the state). So how come rugby (and English game) became more successful in the Southern Hemisphere as opposed to its own backyard? 

I’m more just wondering why football is so fanatically popular compared to other sports in the UK

3 Answers

  • Rugby is perceived as a sport for middle/upper class people as it's commonly played at universities. Football is perceived as a more working class sport.

    Plus, football has been professional with a fairly stable league system. Rugby didn't turn professional until the mid 1990's with several versions of their league system.

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  • 3 months ago

    It’s so easy to play. You just need a football and clothing to mark goal posts. Also, rugby is a posh boy sport and there are more kids coming from underprivileged backgrounds who end up getting into football. 

    • Cap3 months agoReport

      Must be a class thing in the UK. In Australia rugby although is heavily popular in the private schools but you get countless rugby clubs that have mostly working class players that play in the same competition as private schools. It was posh kids vs working class kids, very brutal matches.

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  • 3 months ago

    That's because Rugby's boring. What ya do there anyway? Just a bunch of

    Big boys tackling each other and stuff. Tennis is better.

    • Cap3 months agoReport

      I think soccer is extremely boring watching it for 90 mins and for it to be 0-0. Rugby there’s bound to be points scored and the score chase is remarkably exciting to watch. 

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