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My neighbors call the police on my German Shepard?


My old neighbor next door called the sheriff on my dog. My dog (a 1 year-old german shepard) was in-between her house and our house barking. My mom forgot to put her on her leash that time but she didn't even make contact with her.

The cop came over and said they would have to take her into the pound the next time she called in about her.

I go to college in a different area, and the old lady called the cops 3 times before that for her baking. It all started when my dog jumped on her (we didn't expect her to overreact and she's a puppy...I mean)

So, is there a law to where she can call the cops if she happens to fall due to her barking? Because she said that if she slips on ice from her barking, she could sue us. Is this true??

She threatened my parents before with a shovel and said "my brother will take care of her". We plan on buying cameras and possibly an electric fence...but I feel like that lady is going to lie to the cops next time.

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    Take your dog to training classes or work on some B.A.T training with her to get her to stop barking at your neighbor.

    Your neighbor might be reacting this way because she is afraid of the breed. I've seen it before with my own German Shepherd. Shepherds are also known for being very vocal. If your dog is barking at your neighbor B.A.T training will be very helpful. Get some high valued treats such as boiled chicken if your dog can have it and put your dog on a leash. Get on the far end of your yard so there is A LOT of distance between you and your neighbor. When your dog looks in your neighbors direction and DOESN'T bark reward with the boiled chicken. If your dog does bark take a step back and try again. Also try and work on a good "leave it" commands with your dog. It may take time but atleast you are trying. Start out small, go in a quiet room in your house with your dog and some high value treats and then some not so high value treats. Put the not so high value treat in your hand and close your fist, say "leave it". Wait until your dog stops nudging, pawing or any kind of attention to your  hand, when that happens give him or her the high value treat. Never give the dog the treat you want them to leave, always reward with a different treat. Once you mastered that you can put your dog on a leash and hold it and toss a treat just out of reach and say "leave it" when he leaves it give a DIFFERENT reward and repeat. Then you can work on using leave it with toys,other dogs, people etc. 

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    I will be honest, I went through this exact same situation and I learned a few things. A dog barking is no different than loud music apparently. If it is so loud that a neighbor can hear it and it lasts for more then 10 minutes it can be called into the cops. However, the cops, (at least where I lived) cannot remove your dog but they can fine you and continue to. 

    Now I hate to repeat what some of the others have said but "yes" "training" is the only way you're going to make it stop. It's what I did and it was the best decision I ever made because prior to it, with all the cop calls and fines I was falling apart and I loved my dog and giving her up was not an option.

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    The Police have nothing to dog with animal affairs. All of that is Governed by Animal Control.

    You can google, 'stop excessive barking' & cut down on the barking. You can train her, dogs are VERY trainable. She shouldn't be jumping up on people.

    The old lady may be a bit batty but you need to be a responsible dog owner & train your dog.

    Do not have any fencing between properties? I'd get up some fencing, even if it is just to keep the dog from being close to her house. & train your dog. A well trained dog is a pure pleasure to own. People are in awh when they see an obedient dog.

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    How about keeping the dog on your property or on a leash if off your property and work on keeping the dog from barking all the time.

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    Barking dogs are classified as a nuisance. I fail to see where a dog's barking could cause someone to slip on the ice. I would suggest that you not let your dog out unsupervised and don't leave her out alone which might cause her to bark.

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    Shed had to show proof that the dogs barking somehow caused her to fall... Also if she slips on the ice, the old lady is responsible for keeping her OWN side walk shovelled and de-iced.. So she has some level of responsability if she slips on the ice.

    Now if the dog got off your property and pushed her over.. Then she can sue.

    She can sue for nuisance barking/disrupting the peace.

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    Then why cant you spell the word Shepherd correctly even kid? if you really own one as you say you do here.

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    You may not like it but your dog is a nuisance.  That old lady has a right to live in peace without having to listen to your dog barking all day or running loose and threatening her.  To YOU your dog is a "sweet puppy" but to someone else, she is a big as.s attack dog.  

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    Train the dog, train your mother erect a fence and apologise to the lady a lot. YOU are at fault here, YOU must recognise and accept that simple fact...

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    Usually, there are city ordinances about noise disturbances.  Also, dogs cannot run off leash within city limits.

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