If you go exactly 24 hours from 12:00am to 12:00am the next day, on the new day at 12:00am that's Just an end point and no Time has elapsed ?

Why 24 hours from the beginning of a day   will end at the start of the next days 12:00am But no Time will actually have been elapsed in the next day at 12:00am...lets

 say 11:59pm Monday we're 1 minute away from it being a complete 24 hours fast forward 1 minute later its 12:00am Tuesday its now been 24 hours since 12am Monday but why do we say its been 24 hours on a new day just starting, well because no time has went by in the new day Tuesday hints the :00 that on any clock corresponded with hours minutes gone by and at the point of 12:00am Tuesday, monday has just ended and it ends with no time having ellapised on Tuesday 12:00am but the clock still says  Tuesday therefore that's just how time works even tho it ends on the next day thats just that it ends at the very start with no time having gone by in the new day Tuesday & it's literally at 12:00am not after the first hour in the new day by even a second hints (:00 now see 12:01am on Tuesday has been 1 minute in the new day only 1 minute has gone by but 12:00am is the starting format for the new day and the end point for the previous day 

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  • 10 months ago



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